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“I frequently enjoy a massage from Kathleen, who is very friendly and puts you at ease. I am an active gym participant and find the massage greatly helps with any aches and pains. The pressure applied is spot on and this combined with the aromatic oils makes the experience extremely relaxing and pleasurable.” Virginia Lowe

"Aromatherapy massage (with Kathleen) was a wonderful experience...the fantastic massage and gorgeous smells invariably left me either totally relaxed or newly re-energised and ready to face the world!.”  Dr Power

“Lovely oils, fantastic massage. I have loved the treatments and they really helped my neck and back problems. I really recommend Kathleen.” Mary G - Chiswick

" As a therapist myself, I know the value of a good treatment.  Kathleen has made wonderful potent blends to treat various ailments for me, from back pain to general stress. I always come away feeling revitalised and energised.  I have had 'emergency' treatments from Kathleen which have had immediate effect.  I can truly trust her judgement when choosing a blend.  She has a gentle caring and professional approach to her work." Dee Murphy, Aromatherapist and Reflexologist

I always find Kathleen’s treatments extremely relaxing and therapeutic.  I have had a problem with my back for a very long time and oddly enough always suffer after any kind of massage.  In the case of having massage from Kathleen, it is different.  She has wonderful hands– her massage is not too strong and not too gentle - it is perfect for my overall well-being!  I always sleep very well after treatments and am full of energy for quite some time.  She is a professional and charming person and I would recommend her to everyone!  Gosia K – Shepherds Bush

Having been a client of AromaWell for over a year now, I can't think of any better way to work out those niggling stresses and strains of modern day life.  Kathleen takes a very holistic approach to her clients and is always very generous with her time and oils used.  I have experienced many treatments all over the world and we all should feel very lucky to have this world class professional on our doorstep in W4 !!!
Aroma Well has to be part of your Budget... Clare Muldoon, Writer and Broadcaster

“From arrival to departure, Kathleen's approach was calm and unhurried, such a contrast to the hectic life we all lead. After offering me a glass of chilled water on arrival,  Kathleen spent the first part of the session discussing how I was hoping to feel post massage: relaxed, de-stressed, energised. I decided that I would like to feel energised, so she chose oils particularly suited to this, making sure they were scents that I liked, as this can be a very personal choice.
We discussed areas where I had tension or muscle aches, and the discussion was thorough without being intrusive. In contrast to past experience at high street salons, I felt Kathleen was treating me as an individual and taking care to understand where my body would need particular attention. 
The massage started with  a very relaxing and gentle foot massage, followed by a full back massage, and she adapted her technique over areas that were sore or very tight (lower back and shoulders). The next stage was my front concentrating on abdomen, and finishing with a full neck and head. By this stage I was relaxing so much that I actually nodded off- and it was a Monday morning! 
 I arrived at Kathleen's not particularly aware that I was tense, but through the treatment it was obvious to me that I was going to get a huge benefit from the hour and a half session. After we finished she recommended plenty of water, and gave me a post treatment advice sheet to explain how I might feel for the following 24hours. She also gave me a sample oil to use for cramps during the early stages of my periods, which I have subsequently used and found very effective- almost a deep heat effect, but much pleasanter with lovely invigorating essence coming from the oil. I also found my digestive system was upset 24 hours after, which to me highlighted how effective Kathleen's treatment had been- not only intensely relaxing but also detoxifying. 
The most rewarding effect to me personally, was the fact that all my tension in my left shoulder completely went within a few hours of the massage, and still three months later has not returned-I am astounded how effective one session with Kathleen was.
I would highly recommend  Kathleen, and if like me, you are unaware how stressed your body is, to come away and experience the benefits of relaxing, feeling energised, detoxed and released of chronic muscle tension, in just one session, was amazing!”  Penny, Chiswick